About Yuri

Born In Kyoto, Japan, Yuri graduated with honors from Osaka Fashion Institute, Department of Interior Design. After traveling throughout Europe and Asia, she settled in the U.S. to expand her artistic skills and passion for lighting design.  Now based in Seattle, Yuri works with organic materials to create small and large scale sculptures of ‘Interwoven Lights’.  Her site specific installations continue to explore the interrelations of play between light and shadow within her medium.

Curriculum Vitae


"Woven Light," Bellevue Arts Museum ARTS Fair, Bellevue, WA - Installation

"Asagao/Morning glory," Seattle Japanese Garden, WA - Installation ・"Structure & Light," JUDD creek ranch Gallery, Vashon, WA - Two-Persons

"What's in your cup?," The Wing Luke Museum, Seattle, WA - Group
"Furga/ Prophetic Breeze," Inscape Arts, Seattle, WA - Solo

"Mugen/Infinity," Pottery Northwest Gallery, Seattle, WA - Solo
"Senses from Japan," Fran's Chocolates, Seattle, WA - Group

"Furyu/ Light Breeze," Union Lake Park Pond, Seattle, WA - Solo
"Shades of White," Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA - Group
"Celebrate WASHOKU Unesco’s Intangible Culture Heritage," The Foundry, Seattle, WA - Installation

"TEA," Seattle Design Center, Seattle, WA - group
"Paper unbound Horiuchi and Beyond," The Wing Luke Museum, Seattle, WA - Group
"Tanjyo," LoFi Arts Festival, Arlington, WA - Installation      
"Shinpu/Fresh Breeze," The Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA - Installation

"Women take over/ Northwest women artists," Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA - Group
"Uzume," Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA - Installation

"Mingei Pottery Show," Glenn Richards Gallery, Seattle, WA - Group
"Summer Garden," Mithun Architects Gallery, Seattle, WA - Two-Persons
"Shinpu/ Fresh Breeze," Kyoto Art and Antiques, Seattle, WA - Installation
"Hagoromo," Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival, Seattle, WA - Installation                                                     

"Ichigoichie," Spattered Columns Gallery, NYC - Installation
"Interwoven," Willow Gallery, Walla Walla, WA - Two-Persons
"Deep Sea Bell," For The 60th AIA Honor Awards of WA Architecture, The Moore Theater,  Seattle, WA -  Installation
"Izumo," Kyoto Art and Antiques, Seattle, WA - Installation
"Koromo," Kobo Higo Gallery, Seattle, WA - Solo
"Woven Light," ICFF International Contemporary Furniture Fair, NYC - Installation
"Woven Light," Seattle Art Museum Shop, Seattle, WA - Installation
"Woven Light," Seattle Asian Art Museum, Seattle, WA - Installation
"Little Kyoto," Miro Tea Gallery, Seattle, WA - Solo
"Woven Light," ICFF International Contemporary Furniture Fair, Seattle, WA - Group

"Woven Light," White Sage Gallery, Seattle, WA - Two-Persons
"Hagoromo," Portland Art Center, Portland, OR - Solo
"Izumo," The ARTPIA Georgetown, Seattle, WA - Installation

"Nebula," Sheehan Gallery/ Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA - Two-Persons
"Sun Shower," Kyoto Art and Antiques, Seattle, WA - Installation

"Izumo," Kobo Higo Gallery, Seattle, WA - Solo  
"Moon Shine," Tortoise Hare Gallery, Los Angeles, CA - Solo
"The Art Rainbow Project," The Rostock Museum, Rostock, Germany - Group
"Reading & Dancing under Huge Lighting," The Oldest Sake Distillery Miyamae, Osaka, Japan - Three-Persons
"Akari Exhibition," Gallery Hyo, Kyoto, Japan - Group  
"The 25th Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition," Hankyu Umeda & Yokohama, Japan - Group

"The 7th Lamp Exhibition,"  The Art Forum Gallery JARFO, Kyoto, Japan - Group
"Clouds-Megamitachi no Torai,"  The 14th Moon Gallery Osaka, Japan - Solo
"The 45th Hokuriku Cyunichi Exhibition," The 21th Century Museum, Kanazawa, Japan - Group

"Clouds," LAKU shop, San Francisco, CA - Installation

"Light & Shadow," Konjyaku-Kura, Kyoto, Japan - Solo



"Kajitsunomai," Cobrew Restaurant, Tacoma, WA
"Nagaregumo," Matsu Restaurant, Seattle, WA
"Takeniwa," Nobel Fish Market , Clawson, MI

"Haconiwa," Dahlia Lounge Restaurant, Seattle, WA
"Tsutsu," Naka Restaurant, Seattle, WA
"Sakana," Miyabi Restaurant, Tukwila, WA

"Moss, Moon Shine and Amakudari," Dahlia Lounge Restaurant, Seattle, WA
"Nagagumo," Cooper & Co Office, California, WA
"Tako/ Kite light," Niche outside Shop, Seattle, WA
"Leaves, Branch light and Akanaga," Girin Restaurant, Seattle, WA
"Amakudari," Morgan Wandell /Amazon studio House, CA

"Asahi," Miyabi Restaurant, Seattle, WA
"Uzume," Kushibar Restaurant, Seattle, WA

"Sakura-Saku and Hako," Ichijyo USA Harrison Court Eco House, Seattle, WA
"Amakudari," Goodwill office, Seattle, WA

"Bon Flying Elephant and Arabian lights," Moksha Restaurant, Bellevue, WA
"Kumo," Sushikudasai Restaurant, Seattle, WA
"Moyo" and "Kakine," Tsukushinbo Restaurant, Seattle, WA
"Sakura-Saku," "Tanzaku," "Hana" etc., Miyabi Restaurant, Tukwila, WA

"Zendo," "Kusamakura," "Mist," etc., Hiroshi’s Restaurant, Seattle, WA
"Happa," Koi-ulala," Kimono Lamp," etc., Momiji Restaurant, Seattle, WA
・"Sora," Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects Office, Seattle, WA
"Utage," Shiro’s Restaurant, Seattle, WA

"Deep Sea Bell," "Seseragi," "Kumo," etc., Umi Sake House Restaurant, Seattle, WA
"Nagagumo," "Genji," and "Kasumi," Sushi Kappo Tamura Restaurant, Seattle, WA
"Hana," Boom Noodle Restaurant, Seattle, WA

"River," Ping Restaurant, Portland, OR

"Mai-Mai-Mai," The Corson Building Restaurant, Seattle, WA

"Mai," Eleanor Coppola & Francis Ford Coppola Residence, CA

"Ami," Mangawa Restaurant, Kyoto, Japan



・ Chashitsu Project with Akiko Masker (Artist & Producer), Thomas Krueger (Photography), Gorden Moden (Video & Editor),                           Cole Williams (Motion Graphics), Seattle Central Creative Academy, Seattle, WA.                                                                                     ・ Artist talk- Program of Contemporary QuiltArt Association, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA. ・ Pop-up show- Densho gala, The Meydenbauer Center, Bellevue, WA.

・ Pop-up Chef Roberto Cortez's Photography & Desserts with Appolonia Roldan (Architect), Tara Slinden (Floral designer),                             Miele Seattle Experience Center, Bellevue, WA

・ Work shop- AIGA Link Art Program, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA

・ Pop-up dining with Roberto Cortez, Hays Elliott Properties, Seattle, WA
"Tanjyo" with Tanya Brno(Dancer) & Paul Che Oke Ten Wagner(Musician)Duwamish Revealed Festival, Seattle, WA
"Mugen/Infinity" with East West Chanoyu Center, Pottery Northwest Gallery, Seattle, WA

・ Pop-up dining with Roberto Cortez(Chef), Mallet, Seattle, WA
"Tanjyo" with Tanya Brno(Dancer)SANCA, Seattle, WA
"Furyu/Light Breeze" with East West Chanoyu Center, Lake Union Park Pond, Seattle, WA

"Shinpu/Fresh Breeze" with East West Chanoyu Center, Seattle Design Center, Seattle, WA    
"Tanjyo" with Tanya Brno(Dancer), LoFi Arts Festival, Arlington, WA
・ Pop-up dining with Roberto Cortez(Chef), Bandia Rua Studio, Seattle, WA
"Shinpu/Fresh Breeze" with East West Chanoyu Center, Bellevue Art Museum, Seattle, WA

"Hagoromo," Kobo Higo Gallery, Seattle, WA

"Koromo," Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival, Seattle, WA

・ Art Walk/ Trunk show with Lisa Kinoshita(Artist),Momo Shop, Seattle, WA




・Artist-in-Residence at Inscape Arts, Seattle, WA -Grant

・SU-McMillen Assistantship Program, Seattle University,  Seattle, WA - Grant  

・Seattke City Artists ProjectAward ,City of Seattle, Seattle, WA - Award
・LAMP Project Award, Le Corbusier Architect, Seattle, WA - Award

・Seattle Art Project Award 4 culture,  Seattle, WA - Award

・The 25th Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition, Japan Craft Design, Osaka, Japan - Prize
・Art Rainbow Project for The Rostock Museum Germany, Art Forum JARFO, Kyoto, Japan - Prize

・The 45th Hokuriku Cyunichi Exhibition, Hokuriku Cyunichi Japan,  Kanazawa, Japan - Prize

・Osaka Mode Gakuen Grand Prix, Osaka Mode Gakuen, Osaka, Japan - Grand Prize

・The 4th Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition, Koizumi Lighting, Osaka, Japan - Prize

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