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Furyu - Light Breeze

  • Lake Union Park 860 Terry Avenue North Seattle, WA, 98109 United States (map)

An illuminated floating teahouse for open-air, traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Demonstrations on Lake Union Park Pond!

Yuri Kinoshita / 2014 City Artist Project Award Recipient

Title: "Fyryu"(light breeze)
Size: 10 ft x10 ft x 28 inches
Materials: wood, steel, kimono fabrics, bamboo fiber, linen fiber, Kozo paper, cotton
Fabricators: Erik Keefer, Thomas J Misciagna. 
Calligraphy: Asako Go, Jay Gregg.
Tea ceremony: Akemi Sagawa, Koh Shimizu, Asako Go.

Yuri Kinoshita comes from a long line of textile and kimono merchants in Kyoto. Yuri is a Seattle-based professional lighting artist. She has been creating modern lighting artworks utilizing traditional Japanese materials, such as kozo paper, linen fiber, bamboo fiber and kimono fabrics.

Yuri was awarded a grant from the City of Seattle for this year’s City Artist Projects. The design of this teahouse was inspired by a Zen word, “furyu (light breeze.)” Yuri has interpreted the philosophy behind “furyu” and came up with a teahouse that floats on the water to remind us that nature never stands still – like a light breeze.

In a bustling city like Seattle, the serenity and artistry of tea ceremony is a gift for the mind. Yuri wishes to bring hosts and guests closer to nature by sharing a tea ceremony which will be performed inside her floating teahouse.

Yuri is dedicating this artwork to Chief Seattle. It is her way of showing her sincere appreciation of the beautiful natural surroundings in Seattle. Chief Seattle’s statement is on display as part of the teahouse in English and Japanese.

Special Thanks to (in alphabetical order): Asako Go, Irene Gomez, Jay Gregg, Joann Hamick, Ryusuke Hayashi, Rob Hendrickson, JeffHodges, Yoko Kazdal, Yoshi Kawamura, Erik Keefer, Kyoko Maeda, Tomas J Misiagna, Bonnie Mitchell, Kaoru Okumura, Dale Russ, Akemi Sagawa, Tsutomu Sasaki, Dale M Shafman, Fred Schauer, Victoria Schoenburg, Koh Shimizu, Christopher Stearns.

Sponsors: Office of Arts & Culture -Seattle, Seattle Parks and Recreation, Kyoto Arts & Antiques, East West Chanoyu Center, My Green Tea.



Later Event: August 8
The Duwamish Riverside